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Fire Lich (Antares) - User Reviews. Use your own judgement. The values in brackets below the actual stats represent the values that can be reached if all runes the monster currently has equipped are maxxed. Antares is a good counter to Violent procs: thanks to his passive he can gain turns with 15% chance whenever an enemy turn ends. Die Angaben beziehen sich auf das Monster ohne Buffs und Runen. Tier S. Hero. Antares (Fire Lich) is a good attacker with nice turn advantage passive skill in Summoners War. r/summonerswar: Subreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena. Be the first to add a Review Please post a user review only if you have / had this product. Notice: Generic builds may be added from this pre-approved list, with possible minor changes to suit the monster.To add your own unique rune builds, see this page.Listed builds are provided for convenience only. Vorschläge bitte unten auf der Monsterseite in die Kommentare. Summoners War Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Monsters Ranked] Check out the best monsters for RTA and general PvP according to their tiers. - Kritische Rate, C.D. Summoners War unleashes Fire Lich Antares as Hall of Heroes for June. Bitte beachtet, dass die Vorschläge durch den Autor ohne Gewähr sind! 30 Min Lv. Summoners War Tier List (Characters) This is the list of in game characters from best to worst. Your Name * Your Email * Review Title * Review Text * Rate this device; Arena Offense: Usability of this monster in the arena as offense. So if you are still complaining about diana, it's really on you since tesa and antares are available (coming from a non-diana owner). Summoners War Tier List [Strongest and Weakest Monsters Ranked] ... Antares can annoy and disturb the enemy team with the turns and buffs gained from his passive. 40 Normal HP 2730 4635 3705 6300 5040 8565 ATK 230 392 314 533 426 725 DEF 164 279 223 379 304 516 Awakened HP 2835 4815 3855 6540 5235 8895 ATK 265 452 361 613 491 834 DEF 175 297 […] June 8, 2018 Summoners 0. Increased chance to proc when it does not activate just means antares stop diana from changing forms pretty regularly. On Wednesday, June the 6 th, 2018, the Fire Lich (Antares) Hall of Heroes was announced, breaking our three-month streak of good Hall of Heroes mons.. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. - Kritischer Schaden Die Priorität nimmt von links nach rechts ab. 35 Min Lv. Build him with Despair runes to make him effective and counter those violent procs, they proc and you stun them. Summoners War Online. 5. At Summoners War Online, we feature useful guides, fool-proof tips, best of rune recommendation and reliable ratings of monster that will aid you through out the game. Stats Grade ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★★ Level Min Lv. Legende: HP - Lebenspunkte, Atk - Attacke, DEF - Verteidigung, SPD - Geschwindigkeit, Acc - Genauigkeit, C.R. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). [ ] Guide Speed-Tuning your Arena Team – Summoners War Guide [ ] Top 5 Best Smartphones to make the best out of Pokemon GO Electronic Reviews [ ] Top 5 Best Quality-Price Power Banks for ... Antares (Fire Lich) Runes & Review Like Us on Facebook.

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