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It is her relationship and marriage to Kaneki that provides her with the happiness she always yearned for and helped improve her self esteem as Kaneki's desire to spend his life with her proved that her belief that she wasn't good enough for her loved ones to stay with her was wrong. ReaderTHIS HAPPENS PRE-EVERYTHING_____ Sex was a natural phenomenon, a process to create an offspring. Ella consideró muchas de las cosas que hizo irritantes y molestas. es una ghoul y fue camarera en Anteiku. https://tokyoghoul.fandom.com/es/wiki/Touka_Kirishima?oldid=57969. Support Yoshimura explained that two people were involved and that one of them was Rize. Anime Touka Kirishima Cosplay Costume Leather Full Set Halloween. Hide tells her not to worry, explaining that Kaneki is more sturdy then he would appear at first glance, before leaving and telling her to watch over Kaneki. Touka canonically has black hair. En su alter-ego ghoul, ella viste una chaqueta larga, máscara de conejo y una rubia, o a veces rosada peluca para ocultar su identidad. Después del tiempo, Touka posee una personalidad mucho más suave y cálida en comparación con cómo era en ese entonces. Touka stepped in and declared that the place was not Nishiki's feeding ground, but Rize's. Al ser el hermano de Hikari Kirishima, Yomo sería el tío de Touka y de Ayato, aunque ellos al parecer no lo saben. She decided to stop the hungry Kaneki from rampaging and eating Hide. That's our destiny." Esto se debe al hecho de que su familia fue desgarrada por el CCG y tuvo que vivir una vida fugitiva hasta llevar una vida más dócil al asistir a la escuela. Understanding this and that she was pregnant, she later forced herself to eat the hamburger the package had contained. Stumbling, Mutsuki revealed a mutilated hand with an engagement ring, and a picture of Touka and Yoriko, grinning. Normalmente tanto con su uniforme d… Touka asks Tsukiyama if he wants to get Kaneki killed. [60], A month following their escape from Cochlea, Touka greeted Kaneki by asking him if he wanted coffee. Touka starts crying when he talks about how Kaneki won't even be able to cradle his own child. [84], Hinami started killing several of the investigators while Touka stepped in to kill two investigators who opted to attack Hinami from above and behind. As proof Arata's ideals passed on to his daughter, Touka always ate the food Yoriko prepared for her, even though it made her sick because of her ghoul heritage. As he told her that he would see her later, she turned and dashed away. When Kaneki seemingly died upon the emergence of the Dragon, Touka displayed how important he has become to her as the crux to allow her to move on from loss by displaying uncharacteristic breakdown and desperation to save him. Touka could not believe Rize died that way and was further shocked to learn that Kaneki was the human who received her organs. Touka and Mutsuki then met gazes after his arrival and he continued onto ordering the Oggai to frame out. And I hate that about myself. Touka called out to Sasaki using his previous name and told him she would see him later. After the Clown Siege, Touka dyed her hair back to its original black (purple in anime) color. After Itori walks off and Ayato returns, the members of GOAT discuss ways to save Kaneki, before Hide appears alongside Amon and Akira, asking Touka if she wants to dig up Kaneki. She met Yoriko at school, but Ayato was against the idea of interacting with humans, telling her that she’d die if she continued to befriend humans. [23], After Kaneki finished telling about his experience in the Ghoul Restaurant, Touka appeared at the doorway, hesitating to enter because of the injured cockatiel Hinami had adopted and named Hetare. She then told him that he often visited :re as Sasaki and looked at her the same way he used to look at Rize. At a hideout, she sat moodily, wondering about Yoriko's safety as she asked Kaneki what he did when he wanted to see Hide. Hide convinces Touka and the other ghouls to work with the CCG, and they show up in front of the CCG headquarters with their masks. As they climb up Dragon, Mutsuki eventually catches Touka on the leg with a knife before getting scraped by his kagune. Well you're in luck, because here they come. As Mutsuki threatens to kill her, Touka knees him in the face, telling him her husband is waiting for him. They rescued him just in time as he was about to be killed by doves. Soon after, Hinami disappeared, causing Touka and Kaneki to immediately go out to look for her. Touka quietly told the children to hide when one pointed out a large group of Oggai. However, Touka and Nishiki disagreed, as bringing Kaneki back would result in him being hunted by the CCG. Before their confrontation after Kaneki regained his memory, Touka had only a very limited waitress-to-customer interaction with Mutsuki, while the latter harbors a grudge against her. They promised to "always play together" even after they finished school. This lead to her realizing she was only contributing to the cycle of hate and revenge, having likely inflicted the same trauma on someone as the ghoul investigators did on her, by robbing a child of their father. After the Defense of Tokyo, Kaneki and Touka currently live happily married (which now makes her Touka Kaneki) with a daughter and another child coming, with humans and ghouls finally united together. During Touka's next day off, Kaneki waited for her at the meeting place, but she was late. Stop worrying about me, and go protect Hinami. After the Aogiri arc, her hair grows longer and now reaches to the back of her neck. This has also lead to her being more repressive of her emotions, in order to cope with loss better, as evident in the 24th Ward where she had to ignore Yoriko Kuroiwa's execution letter, as well the potential deaths of Yomo and Hinami Fueguchi. He seems to somewhat remember her, as he tears up when he smells her coffee and thinks it reminds him of someone and he developed an infatuation for Touka, often visiting and looking at her the same way he did with Rize, showing romantic interest, which Touka recognized and made her happy due to how it was a sign of Kaneki returning her feelings. Pero puede volver a su antigua personalidad si es alguien con quien está familiarizada, como Nishiki y Tsukiyama. Two years after the Owl Suppression Operation, she returns as the Manager (店長, Tenchō) of the coffee shop :re. Ese es nuestro destino. Nishiki retorted that it was originally his until Rize came, but Touka, unfazed, responded that the feeding grounds would be re-allotted among the weaker ghouls and that it was his own fault for being too weak. after he revealed himself once again, Hideyoshi and Touka had a conversation before the operation to dissolve the Dragon. Alone, she apologized to Kaneki for being unable to tell him, aware that he was tired. She later met Kaneki as he visits :re as Sasaki and she identified him. Para Kaneki (cuando trató de comer Hide): "Después de que lo hayas engullido, te quedarás solo para arrepentirte mientras estás cubierto de sangre y tripas. ", Para Kaneki: "Esa no es razón para ser protegidos por ti. When she asked him about it, he ran away. She confesses that she liked it, thus finally admitting to her romantic feelings for him. This can be seen by her being able to better accept loss, due to Renji Yomo teaching her before the timeskip to live while losing things. You're just afraid of being alone, aren't you? This is one of the best Touka Kirishima quotes from Tokyo Ghoul because it shows exactly what a ghoul has to look forward when it's all said and done. Defeated, Kaneki heard the transmission as the Oggai moved in to eliminate the group.[86]. Touka later met Kaneki after he fully regained his memories in Cochlea when he shields them from Arima's onslaught and, knowing Kaneki may intend to "die" again, inspired him to leave, sadly smiling and asking to see him later, which he deemed a cruel thing to the point of crying. Kaneki was then surprised by Hinami's new and bad haircut. Touka likes school life and rabbits, but hates ghoul investigators, dimwits, and classical literature. Later, two visitors came to Anteiku, Ryouko Fueguchi and her daughter Hinami. Unlike last time, Touka found Kaneki but doesn't know what to say. [48], Touka was surprised when Shuu Tsukiyama, whom she had not seen for a long time, enters her coffee shop. As they were all set to leave, Touka locked the shop. Spotting Touka, Mutsuki became angry, declaring the shop to be run by ghouls due to its ghoul scent. [77], Kaneki was walking with Tsukiyama and Yomo after their meeting had adjourned and the trio encountered Touka on the way. Yoriko visited Touka's house, thinking to cheer Touka up with homemade food. [41] She breaks down at the thought of losing everything and everyone she loves once again. Touka was quick to interfere, charging Mutsuki and blocking a kick from him, she evaded his attacks before latching onto the ceiling and releasing an array of shards down on Mutsuki. She is inherently kind, but this was repressed due to her losing her father and thus having to survive in the ghoul world from an early age, which required her to be ruthless. Luego ella le dijo que a menudo que visitaba :re como Sasaki la miraba de la misma manera que solía mirar a Rize. Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. Touka and Ayato ran away from home immediately. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Touka Kirishima animated GIFs to your conversations. She asks him about Kaneki, learning about the deaths of his parents at a young age and the loneliness he felt as a result of that. Because he suspected Kaneki to be her boyfriend, he attacked him, but Banjou was easily knocked out by Kaneki. Banjou and his followers came to Anteiku to search for Rize by orders of Aogiri's leaders. In her place, Yoshimura asked Kaneki to assist with the collection of food supplies. She mistook Kaneki for Touka's boyfriend and hurriedly left them alone. Short hair is just as cute on anime girls, as the following list proves. Él dejó a Touka cuando más adelante ella siguió una vida pacífica con los humanos yendo a la escuela. $17.27 $ 17. [29], Banjou and his followers went to Anteiku in search of Rize by orders of Aogiri Tree's leaders. After Ayato left Anteiku, Touka heard of his malevolent actions on the 14th ward and other districts of Tokyo. Touka explained that like the both of them, Hinami and the children were orphans. However, her kagune was soon overpowered by Ayato's and she was knocked out. ), Some time later, Touka spoke with Yomo on the phone and asked for him to wait for her a bit longer as she had business to take care of. [72], The next day, she and Kaneki watched Yoriko's wedding from a distance, to which she mused that Mutsuki must have used a fake hand. Sasaki replying that he was a ghoul investigator and was the Quinx Squad's mentor. However, Touka was immediately dumbfounded upon spotting Haise Sasaki unexpectedly. Despite Yoriko being a human, she is Touka's best friend in high school. She continued to have faith that Kaneki would return. After looking at Haise and noticing his tears, Touka gives a sad smile and hands Haise a handkerchief to wipe his eyes. This was mainly due to Mutsuki's secret obsession toward her mentor Haise Sasaki.[90]. She later brought Kaneki to Anteiku, and at the time Yoshimura suggested that Kaneki work at Anteiku. After he reached the limit and annoyed her, she ushered him out of her room but he spotted a calendar marked for December and questioned her, causing her to push him far out of her room. She later brought the unconscious Kaneki and Hide to Anteiku to be treated. ", To Yomo: "Everything... Everything... For the sake of not losing anything, desperately trying to do something. Kaneki, quoting what the Anteiku manager had told him, said she had given it "what it needed," or human meat. [25] Tsukiyama quickly healed from his wound and told Touka that she had become weaker than her past self. [68] Noticing his anxiety, she told him it was really unfair of him to leave her behind back when he first formed his group after the Aogiri incident. Later on, she passed by Kaneki and Rize Kamishiro while they were on their date and stopped to glance at the two. Touka is first seen talking to Yoshimura, where he asks what Touka wants to study at university. If Hide found out, she swore she would kill him, to protect their identities as ghouls. After they left, Kaneki asked Touka why he needed a mask and she became annoyed that her manager failed to explain something so basic. 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[4] Stating that he would kill Ayato if not for him being Touka's little brother, he decided on the compromise of "half-killing" Ayato: breaking half of his total bones. Ya has crecido lo suficientemente alto. [9] Enraged, Touka assaulted Kaneki then berated his actions. Como señala Shuu Tsukiyama, anteriormente parecía más peligrosa y fría, pero se ha suavizado un poco debido a sus amigos y posiblemente a la influencia de Ken Kaneki. Touka refused to help a former human and told him to go off and die on his own. En Tokyo Ghoul, ella era una estudiante de segundo año en la secundaria Kiyomi, al principio y una estudiante de tercer año tras el time-skip. They announced that they were ordered to capture Rize herself or "the person who smells like her". She agreed and went to close the shop. Para Ayato: Ayato...no necesitas sobre esforzarte. At some time, Touka came to Anteiku to find that Kaneki and the others were in a meeting after Hinami's mother's death. However these insecurities also cause her to lash out at the world when there's injustice done towards ghouls, particularly when it's done ghouls close to her. A Touka le gusta la vida escolar y los conejos, pero odia a los investigadores ghoul y literatura clásica. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! When seeing each other during this time they were silent. ¿Hay algo malo con eso? [74] At some point, Touka and Kaneki had spoken about the One-Eyed Owl, whom she understood to be Yoshimura's daughter but was curious as to how the human mother managed to protect her unborn child. However, after their first meeting and his denial of telling her about his mother, she angrily thought of him as a spoiled child. Y odio eso de mí misma.". Kaneki however tells her that he's not returning, and stops her from asking to travel with him by mentioning Touka's college entrance exam being near. Touka meeting Furuta, mistaking him for Kaneki. She revealed that she would rather continue being with him and prompted the children and Hinami to give Akira a hug. Before they went back, Kureo Mado saw them and thought there was something off about them, so he took Kaneki to the RC Scan Gate. After the Anteiku raid operation, Kaneki Ken went missing and is rumored to have died in the midst of battle by many ghouls. The ukaku has two stages, both being very similar to each other. She was left frantic when she saw his ring on a severed limb and frantically dug through Dragon while risking self-harm until she finally found him but was left concerned with how difficult it was to treat Kaneki and continued to force herself to stay awake when Kaneki was unconscious. Kaneki asked Touka about the place and she replied that it was the place where ghouls used to live. Esto puede deberse al cuidado de un pájaro cuando era niña, solo para ser picoteada cerca de su ojo derecho, que luego es cubierto con un flequillo. Kaneki asked Touka about the place and she replied that it was the place where ghouls used to live. As Mutsuki tries to follow up on this the Qs appear, with Urie telling them to stop. Despite his absence, she notes every thing that reminds her of her father. However, he remained and asked Touka to come with him. Touka resided in the 20th ward with her younger brother Ayato, and her father, Arata; where her father lived his life by blending in with the human society, by taking them to the library and even convincing them to eat human food. 59. There are 96 touka kirishima for sale on Etsy, and they cost $17.12 on average. In order to protect herself and Ayato, Touka unleashed her kagune for the first time, killing the investigators. [17] Later they went to the CCG branch office in the 20th ward to give them false information and get more about the situation. Cuando pierdes el sendero, alguien debería venir y darte una buena cachetada... De otras formas, nunca volverás a tus sentidos. Ayato convinced Yamori and Nico not to take Touka, saying she would only be a burden. Her waitress uniform is a white shirt rolled up to her elbows, a black vest, a red tie, and a black skirt down to her lower thighs. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. While Kaneki was washing the dishes, Yoshimura asked him to come to the second floor. Her battle with Ayato ends with her losing after a one-sided duel, and Ayato commences to rip off the entirety of her kagune. Incluso los ghouls... ¡incluso yo quiero vivir como ustedes! The pain and hunger drowns out all reason... and it's so painful you'd rather die, right? Reacting in surprise at first as if she did not see the point, she still attended school that Yoshimura paid for, and came to cherish and enjoy it, despite the hard work that accompanied it. Touka hastily told her she was suffering stomach pains, hiding the disturbance Mado's death had caused her. Mutsuki caught onto Touka's neck from behind and proceeded to choke her, only to be impaled through his torso by Touka's kagune. Después de separarse de su hermano Ayato, crece para apreciar su vida humana y comienza a aferrarse desesperadamente a ella. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. Sin embargo, sus flequillo al principio fueron cepillados al lado revelando su cara entera. She meets Furuta, mistaking him for Kaneki at first glance from behind, before meeting Hide when looking at a missing poster for Kaneki. As "Rabbit", she wears a long coat jacket, rabbit mask, and a blonde, or sometimes a pink, wig to conceal her identity. Incluso después de que la afectó en una pelea. Yo... Tengo fe en él... Sé que volverá a Anteiku. 06-01-2018 - Khám phá bảng "Touka Kirishima" của Berniie, được 163 người theo dõi trên Pinterest. Kaneki says he's considering returning to Anteiku, but does not know if this will allow him to accomplish his goals, which he states is to protect the people close to him, including her. Ghoul Physiology: Touka is an ukaku ghoul possessing one wing with the ability to harden and dis-harden it at will. She wears a white wide neck blouse with a black apron over the top for her waitress outfit. Kaneki told Hide not to sit there only chatting and asked him to order and Hide spoke out that he also came to thank Touka for nursing Kaneki and him after the "car accident." Touka decided and led the group out before coming upon the bodies of Fuka and Tago and their killer, Hajime. Touka and Kaneki put up a fight but Touka was knocked to the ground when she was punched by Ayato. They're bound by stupid laws, have an idiotic love for groups, and convinced that they're in the right, they lump together those they hurt and drive them out. These issues become worse when Ayato and then Kaneki abandon her, creating and reinforcing a mentality that she's not good enough for the people she loves to stay with her. She angrily called him selfish and beat him up, telling him he can't decide that she needs to be protected and tells him not to ever return to Anteiku. However, the manager of Anteiku Yoshimura, rebuked her and gave Kaneki a portion of human meat. [46], Upon reaching Route E14, Touka and the ghouls stopped when they encountered a large squad of Oggai. Touka said to hurry up and get the body but Renji believed it was best they left immediately since there was a chance someone could arrive at any moment. She also wears tight red leggings. Ella le da el anillo de matrimonio de Hikari Kirishima, el cual dice que ha sido una fuente de fortaleza para ella en tiempos difíciles, como un recuerdo de ella. 5 out of 5 stars (608) 608 reviews $ 19.00. After the timeskip, she returns as a waitress of the coffee shop before it went burned down. Kaneki sat by her, comforting her, only to be pinned to the ground by Touka who proceeded to kiss him. She considered many of the things he did irritating and bothersome. Años después de la operación de supresión del búho, Yoriko habló de Touka, ya que no se han visto desde entonces. She appears to be a cute, normal girl that one would not suspect to be a ghoul. But though they're weak, some of them care about others; they may be fragile, but they show love to the people who are important to them; they may not have claws or fangs, but they will fight to defend someone. Her friend Yoriko Kosaka asked her what was wrong, and so she answered her it was nothing. Terms Tired of the regular old human anime girls? When Arata never came back, Touka believed he was still alive, and berated Ayato for thinking otherwise. [24], Touka later saw Kaneki and Nishiki walking together while she was on her way home, curious as to what they were doing, she followed them. But not-so recently, humans have began to take part in it for recreational purposes, simply for pleasure. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! As Hori explained, Touka called him an idiot before telling him that he should be grateful for the rescue. Para Kaneki: Cuando llegue la hora, te dejaré hacerlo conmigo. Él parece recordarla un poco, cuando él se rasga cuando huele su café y piensa que le recuerda a alguien. Touka however, is shown to believe him still being alive, holding back tears in her eyes after supposedly hearing the news about his death. Más tarde se encuentra con Kaneki mientras visita :re como Sasaki y ella lo identifica. Inicialmente, Touka es odiosa con Kaneki, especialmente después de afirmar que él es diferente de "monstruos" como ella. Shortly after, they met in his room and talked on his bed before she decided to tell him she was pregnant and apologized for keeping quiet. In order to protect herself and Ayato, Touka unleashed her kagune for the first time, killing the investigators. Remembering the emotional hurt Touka felt when he turned against his only family, during their first reunion she was anger at him, both with opposite views and what the right thing was. Later in :re, she greets him in a more casual manner, and is more patient with him, shown when she calmly tells him why forcing Kaneki's memories to come back would be a bad idea. She hates her ghoulhood and has low esteem as a result, as shown by her reaction when called beautiful by Kimi Nishino, despite seeing her as a ghoul with a kagune. This would often startle her and occasionally annoy her, however she was always gracious when handling his orders. Peoria Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Wig, Anime Character Synthetic Hair Wig for Halloween Party(Touka Kirishima) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. From shop yagamishirts. While Kaneki was making Hide's order, Touka warned him to make sure that Hide doesn't find out about him being a ghoul. When Yomo entered the room, Kaneki fell to the floor as she exclaimed that she felt better. Ese es el hambre de un ghoul. She then reunites with Hinami and as they catch up, Yoriko interrupts as Hinami asks if Touka misses Kaneki, in order to deliver a birthday present from Kaneki, in the form of a bunny keychain. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList, LLC. Both Touka and Kaneki are severely injured, but due to Kaneki's idea for Touka to eat some of his flesh, she is able to regain her strength and manifest her Kagune. After escaping from the ambush by Mutsuki, Aura and one of the Oggai Squads, Touka and Kaneki take shelter in an abandoned building and when Kaneki couldn't offer any comfort to her on Yoriko and asked they sleep instead, Touka pins down Kaneki and kisses him, which results in them both consummating their relationship and officially becoming lovers, which results in her becoming pregnant with his child.

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